Parisa Baniasad

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Quality Engineer

Parisa has a unique professional background in both Science and Engineering with more than 13 years experience working in varied and dynamic environments.  Her biomedical laboratory experience includes hematology, immunology, microbiology, biochemistry, bacteriology and serology.  As a medical engineer she was in charge of a clinical laboratory research center from the start-up phase to a full functioning research center where she provided technical expertise for initiating and implementing research and development programs. As a manufacturing engineer, she developed documentation to comply with OSHA regulations and ASME standards and as quality engineer she led Analytical Test Method Validation projects.


  • Developed and validated analytical and functional test methods for immunoassay in-vitro products.
  • Developed protocols and reports for analytical and functional test methods immunoassay for in-vitro products.
  • Established and developed a research laboratory center.
  • Developed validation plan and performed analytical method validation of multi-analyte analysis utilizing biochip immunoassay reader, “evidence investigator™”.
  • Evaluated test results using statistical method and program.
  • Identified instrument weaknesses in both software and manufacturing that resulted in several changes in manual handbook and updating of the software.
  • Performed ELISA analyses on proteins (like Cytokines) and coagulation marker (like TAFI, tPA-PAI, TAT and F1+2) based on absorbance and fluorescent measurement on usual 98 well plate form and biochip.
  • Maintained clean work area and equipment; managed decontamination, cleaning and calibration of laboratory equipment.
  • Performed hematology analysis.  Collected and studied blood samples to determine the number of cells, morphology, blood group, blood type, and compatibility for transfusion purposes, using microscopic techniques.  Stained blood smears to microscopically differentiate white blood cells and investigate morphology of the red blood cells.  Performed coagulation test analysis.
  • Performed chromosome mapping and DNA sequencing using PCR.
  • Established and monitored quality assurance programs and analyses to ensure the accuracy of laboratory results.
  • Conducted chemical analysis of body fluids, including blood, urine, or spinal fluid, to determine presence of normal or abnormal components.
  • Supervised and trained lab assistants, medical and clinical laboratory technicians.
  • Analyzed blood samples for chemical and biochemical content.
  • Cultivated, isolated, identified and performed various tests on microbial organisms.
  • Selected and prepared specimens and media for cell cultures, using aseptic technique and knowledge of medium components and cell requirements.
  • Developed documentation and tools to standardize and promote manufactured modules.
  • Designed Crane modules using 3D Auto Cad, provided customer and assembly drawings.
  • Created technical brochures and operational and maintenance manuals. Generated bill of materials for the Crane System using MAS accounting software.
  • Worked as technical support for manufacturing.  Provided customers with submittal.
  • Quality Engineer – BioTeknica, Inc.
  • Manufacturing Engineer – Material Handling Systems, USA
  • Head of Clinical Research Center – Clinical Research Centre, Sweden
  • Biochemistry Biomedical Scientist – Danderyd Hospital, Sweden
  • Head of Hematology Department – Day Hospital, Iran
  • Bacteriology Biomedical Scientist – Shafieh Hospital, Iran
  • Biochemistry Biomedical Scientist – Chehr Lab, Iran
  • Immunology Biomedical Scientist – Saveh Hospital, Iran
  • MSc., Medical Engineering – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • B.S., Biomedical Laboratory Science – Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
  • B.S., Medical Science – Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
  • A.D., Medical Lab Sciences – Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran
  • Statistica – Statistical program StatSoft – Scandinavia AB, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Postgraduate course – “Sex hormones and Cardiovascular Disease” – Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden
  • Quality Engineering, Quality Development I – Örebro University, Örebro Sweden
  • Quality Engineering, Lean Basics – Örebro University, Örebro Sweden
  • Diabetes Days Conference – Stockholm, Sweden